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Work for human rights and provide professional services to empower the disadvantages

ECPAT Taiwan joined ECPAT International in 1991 and registered officially with the government on March 31st, 1994. Acting as the initiator, activist, and protector of child and youth rights and welfare, ECPAT Taiwan fights against all forms of commercial sexual exploitation in addition to providing better services for children and women

The main tasks of ECPAT Taiwan are as follows:  

Wing Project

Consists of the Girls Independent Living Project and Tao-Yuan Youth Center. The former assists girls who have recently left shelters with new accommodation and work; provides them with counseling, consultation on developing career or education plans, help in setting up savings plans, and etc. The latter conducts follow-up services for experienced children and youth in local area.

The Online 3C Action

Making the Internet a safer place for children and ending child pornography are always the important issues that concern ECPAT Taiwan. 3C means Clean, Counsel and be Clever. Clean represents web547 Reporting Hotline; Counsel represents web885 Counseling Hotline; be Clever represents Smart-kids website.

Trafficking Victims Services

We produced the documentary film “Human Trafficking” to reveal the trafficking phenomenon in Taiwan. In order to provide the victims appropriate psycho-social services and to assist them in returning to their home countries, we have taken charge of a shelter for trafficked victims in Taiwan since year 2008.

International Cooperation

We joined ECPAT International to engage in the International Child protection network. To protect Children’s online safety, ECPAT Taiwan cooperates with the International Association of Internet Hotlines (INHOPE) and Asia-Pacific Internet Hotline Network (APIH) for combating illegal and harmful online content.

Youth Participation

ECPAT Taiwan holds the annual Youth Human Rights Camp for children and youth to develop their viewpoints on the human rights. We have also established a youth volunteer group, “Youth Act Together, Taiwan” to promote child rights based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.